Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer Review

There are many people who are looking for a cost-effective, whole fruit juicer which offers great performance and doesn’t put a dent on their pockets. If you are one of them, Andrew James Juicer is the best fruit juicer you will ever come across!

Andrew James is a moderately new British organization that has earned popularity among UK households for it’s snappy scope of little kitchen apparatuses. I, for one, am super awed with their kitchen contraptions. Today we’re taking a gander by Andrew James Professional Power Juicer, an outward machine which is available for only £50! Where do you get such a cool rate?! Practically identical juicers are double the value, so we’re exceptionally intrigued to check whether this one can stand its ground.

Highlights of the Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer

This juicer can be used for both fruits or vegetables that are up to 75mm in width. As a diffusive juicer, it can manage entire organic products or vegetables, which makes it the perfect whole fruit juicer in UK. You can simply try this amazing juicer by tossing in some leafy veggies into the machine and see how the magic works, within minutes you will get an entirely pure thin substance.

This multipurpose juicer works by first slashing up the organic product or vegetable and afterwards the juice is gathered in the container that accompanies the juicer, whilst the mashed fruit/vegetable consequently goes into the included 2 litter mash canister so that it does not get mixed with the liquid. A quick and easy little tip is to line the mash in the receptacle with a cooler pack, so it can be easily evacuated from the juicer.

The gadget has a 850 watt engine capability, claimed to be calmer than the other identical juicers available in the market. The engine has 2 speeds, 15,000 rpm and 18,000 rpm, which can be chosen as required for squeezing hard or delicate foods grown from the ground. In spite of the high power, the vibration isn’t going to bring about the juicer to move around when being used. The base of the juicer has intense suction glasses which enables the juicer is going to hold firm to the kitchen surface it is laying on.

Focal points of the Andrew James Professional Whole Fruit Power Juicer

Like most of the products manufactured by Andrew James, this machine has an alluring and cutting edge design made from stainless steel making it simple to wipe it clean when wrapped up. The juicer is very easy to disassemble and clean in the wake of squeezing as well; the majority of the non-mechanical parts are dishwasher safe.

The included container has a helpful component as well. As you pour, it sifts through the froth that tags along while squeezing things like apples. A basic yet welcome touch which separates this machine.


Andrew James Power Juicer is a strong, appealing and well-made juicer. As far as it’s price is concerned, comparatively it’s better priced and has a couple of minimal innovative twists too that other juicers lack. In all actuality, Andrew James Juicer certainly has the capability to meet all your needs. This juicer will suit down to the ground any individual who wants to get the really taste of fruits with clear and pure juice.

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