The top 5 multipurpose Juicers of 2016

Juicers are one of the most essential utilities to have in every modern kitchen. There are huge benefits of getting yourself acquainted with a good quality juicer, which is also capable of taking care of many other things. If you are looking to buy the best in class juicer there are many aspects that one should take into consideration, like its jar size, motor capacity and also looks that should suit to your kitchen. Considering all of these factors we have come up with a list of some of the best juicers that you can buy on the market. Here are some of the areas, which we feel are very important to see before choosing on a juicer.
Motor: Motor is the heart of every juicer. A motor of good capacity will directly mean that you will have the most well blended and smooth juices for you to drink. The motor, along with being of good capacity, should also have decent warranty. It must also be able to take care of any ingredient that it comes in contact with without heating up.

Jar Sizes: This is also one of the most important things that you should look at when you decide on a juicer. A juicer with a good jar size is very crucial as it can mean that you have the ability to make juices for the whole family and store them efficiently. In today’s world there are also many juicers that come with a travel jar so that you can directly take them with you when you go to work.

Looks: last but certainly not the least, the important thing that needs to be looked at is the physical appearance of your juicer. A juicer is going to be one of the first things in your kitchen that is going to be looked at every time someone enters the room. To make sure that you make a decent impression you should select a juicer with good physical appearance.

Here is a list of the top 5 multipurpose juicers which we feel are amongst the best buys. We have considered all the above things and have also considered price while taking into consideration.

Philips HR1867/21 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer

The first one in the list is a juicer from one of the best electronics brand in the market. The Philips HR1867/21 is one of the best pieces of kitchen equipment you can currently buy on the market. Yes its Philips, so you can expect all the best class features in an easy to use machine but what they have been able to achieve superbly here, is the overall look of the juicer.

In terms of the power, there is an efficient 700w motor, which is attached to the machine and is capable of delivering smooth and lump free juices. It’s powerful enough to crush fruits and ice, giving you a perfect diet supplement. The motor runs on a 200-volt voltage and can be perfect for making juices. There is also an extra-large feeding tube attached to the juicer which can be very effective in reducing the preparation time especially when you are planning to make juices.

Philips has added some of the very effective features in the juicer, which makes it one of the very unique options on the market. Its QuickClean technology can be very important and deciding factor as it can make the complete process of cleaning in less than one minute. This can be very effective especially if you are one of those who lead a very busy life and do not find a lot of time to clean. To compliment this there is also an easy clean feature in the juicer in which all you have to do is pour the water directly into the juicer and activate the quick clean function to make the juicer clean.

Along with all the above features the Philips juicer is also very impressive in looks that makes it a very good option for every kitchen to have.

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Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Nutri Juicer

If you a good looking juicer for your kitchen which can take care of all you juicing needs then look no further, Sage is one of the best options that you can have for your kitchen. In terms of design it’s perfectly suited for any kitchen has a very unique and bulky feel to it.
There is a super powerful 1200 W motor attached to the juicer that can crush anything that comes in contact with the blades. There are many unique and effective design adjustments that are made to the juicer to make sure that it provides optimal output. There is an extra-large 84 mm wide chute in the juicer in which you can put all that is needed to give you the perfect mix.

There is also a central feed technology that is attached to the juicer that can even extract up to 70 % of all the nutrients from the fruits and veggies too with minimal heat transfer. Along with this there is also a good quality long lasting titanium blades attached to the juicer that are super steady and stay cool even after excess pressure. The blades along with the super powerful motor are something, which makes the juicer one of the best juicers on the market. The company even states that it is capable of grinding even the toughest of beans and juicing even a hard beetroot.

In terms of the looks there is a perfect mixture of silver and grey in the machine that makes it a match for every kitchen. Jars are transparent and have ml marking on it. For the purpose of cleaning the juicer it is a seamless experience and can provide many easy and quick ways to clean. Almost all the parts of the juicer are coated which is why all one has to do take the juicer to the sink and rinse it.

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Andrew James Professional 850W Whole Fruit Power Juicer

This is another very good effective and good-looking juicer that can be considered. The juicer is loaded with an 850W motor that strong enough to give you lump free juice. The best thing about the Andrew James juicer is the usability. They are all very easy to use and can be a perfect alternative to have when it comes to multipurpose juicer.
In terms of the workings the motor is very powerful and can take care of any ingredient. It is also very good if you need a radial juice works by first slashing up the natural product or veg, and afterwards turning it at rapid, keeping in mind the end goal to discrete the juice from the mash. The juice is gathered in the container that accompanies the juicer, whilst the mash naturally goes into the included 2-litre mash canister so that no wreckage is made. An awesome little tip is to line the mash receptacle with a cooler sack, so it can without much of a stretch be evacuated when the juicer is done.

The gadget has a capable 850-watt engine, which they claim is calmer than practically identical juicers available. The engine has 2 speeds, 15,000rpm and 18,000rpm, which can be chosen as required for squeezing hard or delicate leafy foods. In spite of the high power, the vibration isn’t going to bring about the juicer to move around when being used. The base of the juicer has intense suction mugs, which imply that the juicer is going to hold firm to the kitchen surface it is laying on; the engine isn’t going to shake it off the counter and onto the floor!

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VonShef Professional Powerful 990W Whole Fruit Juicer

Vonshef has introduced this 4 in 1 juicer, which can effectively give you the functions of juicer or grinder as also that of smoothie maker. As this juicer provides all features in just one machine, it’s the ultimate kitchen assistant that one can have.

In terms of the specification, the juicer has a decent 220 w motor, which can take care of just about anything that it comes in contact with. Though the juicer has probably the least powerful motor in the list, it’s still capable enough to dice, crush and paste just about anything. Along with having a decent specification motor, the juicer also has two stainless steel blades, which can help you create a smooth juice too without any lumps.

Another important aspect about the juicer is that it has as many as three jars, which can be used for various different processes. The first jar is of 1.5 L and is ideal for smoothies and juices for the complete family. The next one is a jar of 1L that can be good for creating purees and blending perfectly. There are also couple of small jars that can be used to make sauces, batters, desserts and also homemade soups.

The best part about the juicer is that if you have it then you won’t require any other grinder or juicer in your kitchen. There are two parts of the juicer in terms of looks, one is its base and other, is its jars. The base is a full metal affair with a complete classy grey colour on with the brand name is engraved in black. In terms of looks this one is probably the best looking products on the market. There is also an auto shut off function, which prevents the juicer from overheating.

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Philips HR1857/71 Viva Collection Quick Clean Juicer

This is not just any other juicer but a super juicer from Philips. In terms of specification this has to be the best juicer for your kitchen. There are many things to like about the Philips Juicer but the biggest advantage being that it has as many as 5 blades which can be used to dice, slice and chop pretty much anything that you need. Even ice doesn’t stand a chance against these 5 blades. Along with these blades there is also a 400-watt motor, which comes with the juicer.

A juicer can only be enjoyed if there it’s smooth and tasty. This is something where Philips is very effective as it can slither all the lumps and turn it into a fine juice. According to the Philips, the juicer is also capable of crushing coffee beans. Along with the highly powerful blades the design of the Philips is so good that it can take are of almost everything without any issue. The jug has to be fitted in the jar upside down, which adds to the power of the juicer.

Now for the many size of the jars used in the juicers are very important. Philips comes along with a jar, which is of about 1.75 litres that is ideal for families. The jar is made up of strong resistant plastic and can be this is an intense one to get all right is clearly more grounded and more averse to experience the ill effects of setting and breaks however is a much heavier material. Plastic is lighter, which bodes well when you have an expansive container limit and this one seems sufficiently durable.
The various speeds and heartbeat alternatives imply that you are in control so you can mulch a delicate natural product or even onions at simply the right speed. You can likewise include fluid and different fixings by means of the little top on top, so you can mix or process nourishment in stages.

The Philips HR2020 juicer, additionally can be taken apart effortlessly so you can simply pop the bits in the dishwasher and store it perfectly away when not being used – which won’t be for long!

With respect to looks, well it has a stainless finish, which is dependably a reward however you don’t get a decision of hues so if silver is not your thing, then perhaps this juicer may not be for you. There is one possible problem with the Philips Jug Juicer and that is it needs to taken apart completely to be cleaned.

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The Best Wheatgrass Juicers

This wheatgrass juicers buying guide, aims to find you the best working and best value wheatgrass juicer based on your needs.

Wheatgrass – The Superfood!

The research has been released and it’s been said by many medical professionals include Dr. Brian Clement and Dr. Anne Maria Clement of Hippocrates Health Institute that the medical benefits of wheatgrass are vast! It contains basically every mineral out there and is not only loaded with protein (there are amino acids in wheatgrass) but also vitamin A, vitamin B-complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin I and Vitamin K. The best way to ingest wheatgrass is to juice it using a wheatgrass juicer and then knock back a daily wheatgrass shot. Most people haven’t even heard of wheatgrass but we’ve compiled a guide on the best wheatgrass juicers in 2016 so you can make wheatgrass juice at home.

Manual Wheatgrass Juicers

These juicers are great for wheatgrass, so if you’ve already been growing wheatgrass at home, these juicers might be just what you need. They’re also manual juicers, which means you have to physically operate them with a little arm movement to get the juices going! While these may seem like hard work – they’ll save on electricity and you’ll get a little exercise out of it too!

1. Lexen Hand-Saftpresse für Weizengras & Blattgemüse

A great value, super reliable wheatgrass juicer! This juicer is perfect for those who are new to wheatgrass juicing and don’t want to spend a fortune on a juicer. It’s well priced, performs really well and can also juice other leafy greens as well as wheatgrass – kale, spinach, fresh herbs to name a few.

For a cheap wheatgrass juicer, it produces quite a lot of juice – and the leftovers came out very dry so the process of extraction is extremely good.

If you’re new to the world of wheatgrass juicing, we definitely recommend picking this juicer up, as we’re also an amazon associates partner, you can click the link below and buy directly from amazon!

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2. Tribest Z-710 Z Star Manual Juicer

We LOVE this juicer at blend and juice, it’s slightly more pricey than the Lexen Hand-Saftpresse für Weizengras & Blattgemüse on Amazon but it’s great for newbies and experienced juicers. Plus it’s still considerably cheaper than electric juicers on the market.

What’s really unique about this juicer it is one the most highest yielding juicers on the market, it is has been crafted in a way that somehow integrates the same auger juicing mechanism that you would usually see in an electric juice – Pretty cool eh!

Head over to amazon following our link below to find the best deals on this juicer. If you do happen to pick this up or already own this juicer, please leave a comment below and let us know what YOU think of it.

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Electric Wheatgrass Juicers

Not a fan of the manual juicers, no problem, here some of our favourite electrical juicers. Not only will the remove the laborious task of manual extracting juice yourself but they’re also a lot quicker for juicing wheatgrass and other fruits and vegetables! In our professional opinion you get higher quality juice with the following electric juicers.

1. Samson Advanced Wheatgrass Juicer

Available in Chromeand Black models, the Samson Advanced Juicer is a stylish and reliable electronic juicer. It can juice wheatgrass and lots of other fruits and vegetables. It has a very unique process where it uses a low speed cold press which limits oxidation of the juice thus making making it last longer. This is a popular juicer among the raw food community and comes fully equipped with attachments for making other types of food, not just juices. Such as pasta, noodles and is great for baby food too! A really great all round piece of equipment.

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2. Green Star GS1000 Twin Gear Juicer

A classic from Tribest, this juicer has stood the test of time and it still used by thousands of juice and raw food enthusiasts across the globe. This was voted ‘Best Luxury Buy’ in the Independent Newspaper “Top 10” Juicers way back in 2003! This juicer is easy to use, easy to clean and is capable of juicing not only wheatgrass but other veggies such as carrots, celery and a plethora of leafy greens.

It has a unique feature of a twin gear unit that can easily juice fibrous veggies, leafy greens and fresh herbs. The juicer doesn’t get jammed or clogged up either, this is due to the close twin gears that are only 4/1000’s of an inch apart! Making smooth and light juice every time.

It’s definitely the most expensive juicer in our guide but we simply couldn’t do a best wheatgrass juicer of 2016 guide and leave this bad boy out.

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3. Omega Juicer Nutrition Centre

One of the most popular single gear masticating juicers on the market today. Since it’s release its been gaining lots of popularity amongst it’s users and comes with a 15 year warranty. This is quite possibly the only juicer you will ever need to own.

This juicer uses a single gear masticating juicer but can handle wheatgrass almost any fruit or vegetable you’d want to juice. For a single gear juicer, its really powerful and almost felt like you were using a twin geared model at times. It’s versatile too, letting you juice to your hearts content as well as make pasta, noodles and baby food. It’s also really easy to clean – literally only 4 parts that can be simply rinsed in warm water immediately after juicing. A few minutes work at the most.

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Got a favourite wheatgrass juicer that isn’t in our list? Leave a comment below and we’ll see if it’s worth of our list.