Top 5 Jug Blenders 2016

Today a durable and good quality jug blender has become a necessity and is a must-have for every kitchen these days. If we look in the market, there are hundreds of varieties available and selecting from them can be a very difficult task. There are many criteria that one should look at while selecting the jug blender, power and the motor being probably the most important aspect. Capacity of the jug is another thing to consider while selecting a blender model. Last but not the least, physical appearance of the blender is also something which for many can be the deciding factor. We in this review have considered all these and many other factors to provide you a list of top five Jug blenders that can give you just about perfect smoothies.

Top 5 Jug Blenders

NutriBullet 900 Pro

NutriBullet has been one of the best brands when it comes to personal blenders. They have many products in the market and most of them are worth every penny. The prime reason as to why we feel that NutriBullet 900 Pro is one of the best blenders in the market is because of sheer quality that it possesses. Along with good quality NutriBullet is loaded with a good quality motor which is of 900 watts and is capable of extracting just about anything that one needs to.

In terms of the designing the product is very uniquely designed and has two extractor blades. The upside down design along with strong blades enables NutriBullet Pro to provide the exclusive Cyclone Action will generate the power to convert whatever comes in contact into a rich thick smoothie. One of the most important things for a blender is the size of the jar. The blender comes in with as many as three jars. The smallest one is of 18 ounces and probably is the most used ones of all. It’s capable of giving out smoothies for one person. The next jar one is two jars of 24 ounces. Difference between the two jars is one is handled lip and other is one with regular lip ring. This is the standard size for a single person and can provide just the right amount of nutrition for replacing a meal. There is also a 32-ounce cup which is perfectly suited for larger drinks.

Blending process is very easy. All one has to do is load the blender with all the ingredients and then let the 900-watt motor take care of it. The power is generated from the patented cyclone action and two blades to give the user a perfect smoothie.

Appearance wise the blender has a decent metal design in the bottom and all the removable adjustments are made from plastic that is not easily breakable. The shiny label also makes for an attractive display. All the jars that come along with the blender are very easy to carry and store.

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Philips HR2020/50 Jug Blender

This is not just any other blender but a super blender from Philips. In terms of specification this has to be the best blender for your kitchen. There are many features that would instantly want you to go for Philips Blender but the biggest advantage is that it has as many as 5 blades which can be used to dice, slice and chop pretty much anything that you need. Even ice doesn’t stand a chance against these 5 blades. Along with these blades there is also a 400-watt motor which comes with the blender.

A Smoothie can only be enjoyed if there is no lump that needs to be chewed endlessly. This is something where Philips is very effective as it can slither all the lumps and turn it into a fine paste. According to the Philips, the blender is also capable of crushing coffee beans. Along with the highly powerful blades the design of the Philips is so good that it can take are of almost everything without any issue. The jug has to be fitted in the jar upside down, which adds to the power of the blender.

Jars used in the blenders are very important. Philips comes along with a jar which is of about 1.75 litres that is ideal for families. The jar is made up of strong resistant plastic and can be this is an intense one to get all right is clearly more grounded and more averse to experience the ill effects of setting and breaks however is a much heavier material. Plastic is lighter which bodes well when you have an expansive container limit and this one seems sufficiently durable.

The speed and turns per second matter because it tends to give you greater control so you can mulch delicate natural product or ivories onions at simply the right speed. You can likewise include fluid and different fixings by means of the little top on top, so you can mix or process nourishment in stages.
The Philips HR2020 blender additionally completely segregates so you can simply pop the bits in the dishwasher and store it perfectly away when not being used – which won’t be for long!

With respect to its appearance, well it has a stainless finish which makes it remarkably sleek and stylish. There is one possible problem with the Philips Jug Blender and that is, it needs to be dismantled completely for washing. Doing this can be very difficult and time consuming as you will have to make a very conscious effort to make it completely clean. Another problem is that while operating the blender the one should make sure that the lid and base must be very tightly secured so that you can prevent any kind of leakage. One also has to install the jar efficiently into the blender in order to make sure that there are proper safety precautions taken in. But if you take care of all the precautions mentioned in the user manual then you will easily get yourself the best quality smoothies.

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Kenwood BL237 3 in 1 Blender

Kenwood BL237 3 in 1 Blender is an ideal equipment for any small kitchen. This is a very optimal choice for any ambitious cook who loves to make smoothies. There are many things which make this blender a perfect alternative to have the smoothies.

As per the instruction manual of blender it is capable of blending almost anything with it’s sharp blade. In terms of the motor there is a 350W motor attached to the blender, which is quite lower than that found in some of its other competitors. There is a very unique technique which the blender applies to give you the smoothest smoothie, which is it applies two speed along with a pulse blending function to it.

In spite, of the fact that the motor installed in blender is quite less powerful, considering that the jug that comes with the blender is just of 450 ml, one can get the best smoothies. The jar is also very easy to carry and can be stored directly in refrigerators to get yourself the healthiest smoothies. The third part of this blender is a small jar that can be effectively used to grind anything from carrots to coffee beans. There is also an additional one liter jar available with the blender which makes can server smoothies for two.

Another important feature of the blender is that it is very effective because there are two blades attached in the blender. Both the blades are made from stainless steel and are detachable to provide you optimal cleaning of the blender. The cord of the blender is also long enough so that you can keep the blender into any corner of your kitchen.

Another feature that makes this blender into this top five list is that along with providing some of the best features it is also very good in looks. The design tough might seem very simple with white toned base and transparent plastic jars, it’s very effective as it makes the ideal smoothies and can also be cleaned very easily. The blender can just about perfect to fit into any kitchen considering the colour combination it is perfect for whatever coloured your kitchen be.

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VonShef 4 in 1 Blender

Vonshef has introduced its brand new 4 in 1 blender which can effectively give you the functions of juicer, blender, grinder as also that of smoothie maker. As this blender provides all features in just one machine, it’s the ultimate kitchen assistant that one can have.

In terms of the specification, the blender has a decent 220 w motor which can take care of just about anything that it comes in contact with. Though the blender has probably the least powerful motor in the list, it’s still capable enough to dice, crush and paste just about anything. Along with having a decent specification motor, the blender also has two stainless steel blades which can help you create a smooth smoothie that too without any lumps.

The blender has as many as three jars which can be used for various different processes. The first jar is of 1.5 L and is ideal for smoothies and juices for complete family. the next one is a jar of 1L that can be good for creating purees and blend perfectly. There are also couple of small jars that can be used to make sauces, batters, desserts and also homemade soups.

The best part about the blender is that if you have it then you won’t require any other grinder or juicer in your kitchen. There are two parts of the blender in terms of looks, one is its base and other is its jars. The base is a full metal affair with a complete classy grey colour on with the brand name is engraved in black colour. In terms of looks this one is probably the best looking product in the market. There is also an auto shut off function which prevent the blender from overheating.

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Salter EK2002 Silver 1000W Blender

Salter EK2002 Silver 1000W Blender makes the cut as the number five in this list. There are actually many features to like about this blender. First and foremost is its super powerful 1000W motor that is attached to the blender. The overall design is also amongst the most attractive ones and also the fact that the blender is capable of giving you smoothies or juices in just about any quantity.

To start off, the blender has a 1000 W motor which is most powerful then all of its competitor’s. The 1000W motor can take care of just about anything that it comes in contact with. If the company is to be believed, then if you have this blender then you won’t even require to have any need to have grinder or any other similar equipment to take care of your needs.

The blender also comes in with a Super powerful triton material cup which are completely BPA free. The blender also comes in with a super impressive 51 healthy smoothie recipe guide that can provide you with the best in class healthy recipes. There are three jars that comes in with the blender, one is about 1000 ml that can be perfect for smoothie for you and couple of 850 ml jars for juices, purees or smoothies for single person. all the three jars are very attractive looking and can be easily carried or used for storing in refrigerator. The first thing that strikes about this blender are its good looks, even the jars compliment the grey coloured styling of the base unit. Along with this the blender also have good safety feature that can make sure that you can get the best safety for the blender.

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