Nutribullet Graphite 8 Piece Set Review

Nutribullet Graphite 8 Piece Set Review

Nutribullet Graphite is the modern compact blender in which the jug or cup serves as the receptacle for containing smoothies while you are on the go. The design of the blender is based on the Magic Bullet blender and can give you most of your food. The blender is aimed to blitz the vegetables, fruits, and seeds and release the nutrition which is not usually liberated by chewing alone. The blender comes in with a user guide and also a recipe booklet that can be expanded further. The booklet which comes along with this blender will consist of the guidance which can be used as to make best smoothies.

Design and Features of the Nutribullet Graphite

The best thing about NutriBullet is that it is very small and slim which can be kept in any corner of your kitchen. The shape of the blender is like a bullet and the design is subtle. The base of the blender is of graphite colour and has metal finish. Handles, cups and lids are all of plastic which also helps in maintaining the lightweight nature of the blender. Power cord is also of decent length which can help you in keeping it at your desired location.

The blender does not have any buttons in the exterior to change the speed or switch on the blender instead one has to adjust the screwing on the extractor or use different blades depending upon your cup size.

Usability of the Nutribullet Graphite

In terms of usability, the blender is very efficient and can take care of just about anything. The motor installed in the blender outputs enough power to make even and easy to slurp smoothies. Whatever ingredients you choose, leafy veggies or hard nuts the blender can crush about anything into a paste.

In terms of cleaning also the blades are very easy to clean but unfortunately they cannot be washed in dishwasher. But all the other parts can be hand washed or cleaned in dishwasher to ensure good usability. In its compared with its competitors then there are many things that sets this blender apart. The biggest advantage being that it is very easy to use and looks very stylish. The overall texture on the blender is very good and can make a very pleasant appearance in any corner of your kitchen. With most of the other blender it gets very messy with big jars and many button on the surface, but with NutriBullet as there are no buttons on the device using is can be very easy and effective.

Final Verdict of the Nutribullet Graphite

It you need a good efficient blender that can take care of any ingredient then getting the NutriBullet can be a very smart buy. Using it is very easy and all one has to do is mix all the ingredients in the jar and you have the best smoothie for you. If we look at the blender, then one thing can be noticed that how simplicity can be very effective in day to day life.

The Nutribullet Graphite is the best option one can buy in this category.

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Nutribullet Graphite 8 Piece Set Review
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